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Subject:ID large ceramic vase
Posted By: morris Fri, Nov 13, 2020 IP:

appreciate any info to Id vase

Subject:Re: ID large ceramic vase
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Nov 16, 2020

大日本  - Dai-Nihon - Greater Japan
薩广焼  - Satsuma-yaki - Satsuma ware
玉秀画  - Gyokushu-ga - Painted by Gyokushu

Around 1920

With regards,

Subject:Re: ID large ceramic vase
Posted By: Martin Michels Mon, Nov 16, 2020

This Japanese mark reads: Dai 大 Nippon 日本 - Satsuma 薩广 Yaki 焼 - Gyokushu 玉秀 Ga 画 (Great Japan - Satsuma ware - Painted by Gyokushu).
Satsuma is written with a shortened Kanji for "ma" 摩.
I have no information about this painter Gyokushu.
Date: around 1900.
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