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Subject:help identify art
Posted By: Marion K Fri, Nov 06, 2020 IP:

we inherited a good bit of Oriental art from a relative and know nothing about this.
Please help in any way possible.
artist, type of art, year, original, maybe
ballpark value. THANK YOU

Subject:Re: help identify art
Posted By: Stan Sat, Nov 07, 2020

These are prints (likely reproductions) from Ando Hiroshige's famous series The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō Road. See stations number 16 and 46 at the link below:


URL Title :Great Tokaido5cd8kp

Subject:Re: help identify art
Posted By: Marion K Wed, Nov 11, 2020

Very kind of you to reply. Grateful for your help and your knowledge.

Why would you say they are most likely prints ? Which I bet they are too.
Where could I find out otherwise.

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