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Subject:Japanese inscription help on temple scroll
Posted By: John Thu, Oct 15, 2020 IP: 2607:fb90:e5b9:1fd:4

Age and artist or what it was used for. I am guessing a fire protection scroll for the Shrine in Japan. I googled and see pictures with similar scrolls in the shrine. Another question is does it have any importance or value or more a souvenir piece someone would get when visiting the shrine?

Subject:Re: Japanese inscription help on temple scroll
Posted By: I.Nagy Fri, Oct 16, 2020

正一位 秋葉神社 - Sei-ichi'i Akiba Jinja -
First Rank Akiba Shrine
社司 前中教正 - Shaji Zen-Chukyōsei
Priest Zen-Chukyōsei (title of rank in old system)
橋本茂登治 拝書 - Hashimoto Motoji haisho
Written by Hashimoto Motoji

神璽火災鎭護 - Shinji Kasaichingo
Sacred Seal of Fire Protection

Akiba Shrine is located in Hamamatsum Shizuoka Prefecture. The holy power venerated there is associated with fire protection

The high priest whom the calligraphy is attributed, Hashimoto Motoji, passed away in 1908 in the age of 66.

If the scroll is original it should be over 100 years old now. Even a hundred years ago these fire protection calligraphies were sold for money. A little suspicious that too many similar calligraphies are offered for sale online. Their prices are set around JPY 7000.

With regards,
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