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Subject:Northern Qi dynasty (?) stone Buddha head
Posted By: Jean Thu, Oct 15, 2020 IP:

Hello everybody,
I would appreciate to have your opinion and comments about this Buddha head, which I purchased forty years ago at a flea market. It was lying between used shoes and broken tools..
It's size is 21cm x 14.5cm. It is made of hard, heavy non-homogeneous grey/pink stone (granite?).
The surface is not smooth, and looks as if it had remained exposed to bad weather during centuries. The surface of the neck section does not have this kind of erosion: it is neat.
I made a lot of research on the Internet, and have found several examples of the very specific aspect of the hair: all were said to be of the Northern Qi dynasty.
Any commments?
Thank you


Subject:Re: Northern Qi dynasty (?) stone Buddha head
Posted By: Jean Tue, Oct 20, 2020

Sorry for the size of the photograph. I re-post them smaller.

What do you think about quality/age of this sculpture?

Thank you
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