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Subject:Old blue Zhen and Qian Ginger Jars
Posted By: richard Tue, Oct 13, 2020 IP:

I recently purchased 16 ginger Jars of which these are the blue and white jars. One of them with a mark that seems to say something like Zheng or Qian? (or so I was told!)Jars possibly date to the late 19th Century?
Could any of the experts on here tell me anything else about these jars? Are they genuine Chinese jars, old, region, maker etc?
These jars were found in the ground near a dump in Scotland while the elderly owner was digging a trench for the firm he was working for. The Jars had been in his loft for the last 30 years.
Maybe some one could tell me a bit more about them? History, the images on them, a Tiger, junk boat and some sort of tall chinese building etc.
As always thanks in advance for any opinions.
Stay safe Richard

Subject:Re: Old blue Zhen and Qian Ginger Jars
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Oct 14, 2020

The two larger jars on the left in picture 3 and left forefront of picture 1 may be 19th century. The others either look to be transfer-decorated or have the blinding white glaze that indicates they are 20th century products. The larger jar with landscape decoration has a two-character mark reading down as 'Yu Ji' (玉記), 'Mark of Jade'.

Best regards,

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