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Subject:Help with scroll age and artist
Posted By: John Tue, Oct 13, 2020 IP: 2607:fb90:ef67:347:3

Hi I recently acquired a box of old scrolls. I will post them here one by one in the hopes of finding out more about them. Some actually have american writing on the tops like this one along with Chinese/Japanese writing. Any help is greatly appreciated. This one reads Kokyo. Would that be Harada Kōkyo 原田耕挙* (はらだ こうきょ)(1863-1925) or someone different?

Subject:Re: Help with scroll age and artist
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Oct 14, 2020

Signature and seal read,
晃陵 - Kōryō 
(The Roman alphabet transcription is incorrect)

Takei Kōryō 武井晃陵 1890-1946
Native of Tochigi Prefecture, Served as teacher at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts. Exhibited several times at Bunten and Teiten

Inscription on the back,
櫻井乃駅 (正成正行) - (Parting) At Sakurai no Eki (Masashige and Masatsura)

Inscription on the back
晃陵筆 - Painted by Kōryō

Rubber stamp,
神田美土代町 - Kanda Mitoshiro-chō
高橋繪絹店 - Takahashi Silk-Canvas Shop
電話 1045 - Tel: 1045
(4 digit numbers from the 1920s)

With regards,
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