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Subject:Is this silver ?
Posted By: Pat Carter Sat, Oct 10, 2020 IP:

Can any help identify this bow and what does the V9o mark mean. Is it silver ?

Subject:Re: Is this silver ?
Posted By: Edmund Prinz Sat, Oct 10, 2020

On european pieces V90 stands for Silverplated > 90g of silver for 24 dm² surface. ( that relates to all pieces of the specific set )
This is most likely brass or britannia-metal with a good plating, produced for the asian market or simply a european piece in a "chinoise" style of the "Klassizismus"-era. ( 19th century )

Subject:Re: Is this silver ?
Posted By: Pat Carter Sun, Oct 11, 2020

So, probably 19C, maybe Indian and silverplated.
Perhaps I will get it out from the back of the cupboard again and give it a cleanup. Good to find out a bit more about it. Many thanks Edmund.

Subject:Re: Is this silver ?
Posted By: Edmund Prinz Sat, Oct 10, 2020

With glasses on it´s a more "oriental" (india) design; but it fits the era too. ( Colonialism etc.
Exotic designs perhaps for those, who had to stay at home, much more affordable than the massive silver pieces, the aristocracy showed off with.)
Seems to be nicely crafted nevertheless - i think a collector would pay 75-90 Euro for it.

Subject:Re: Is this silver ?
Posted By: Bill H Sun, Oct 11, 2020

I'm inclined to speculate this is pre-1948 silver from the Shan State in British ruled Burma, which was treated at the time as the easternmost province of India. The foliated repoussé panel may depict a reclining Buddha beneath the protective hood of a multiheaded naga. The individual at the right may be an acolyte, and appears possibly to be wearing a Shan-style headdress.

I lack anything similar in silver to show, but do have this photo of an ivory Shan Buddha under the protection of a single-headed naga.

Best regards,

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