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Subject:small Japanese tea box
Posted By: guido Wed, Sep 30, 2020 IP: 2001:8003:4f08:b801:

Hi Members
Any opinions on age and place of manufacture would be appreciate,and any other comments.

Regards Guido.

Subject:Re: small Japanese tea box
Posted By: Edmund Prinz Wed, Sep 30, 2020


what i see is in my opinion a chinese, not japanese box. ( might be japanese inspired; the 1930ies millefiori design looks japanese on first view; but it could have been inspired by patterns of italian murano paperweights too, would match the fashion of the time )
So it´s made in the 20th century, ca. 1960 i would guess.
That mixing of colors in a field are a sign of a more modern piece. ( oxidation, surface alteration etc. show not much progress on your box too )
Regards Edmund

Subject:Re: small Japanese tea box
Posted By: guido Thu, Oct 01, 2020

Hi Edmund
Many thanks for your thoughts and opinions.
You may be correct,about it being Chinese,I bought it as being Japanese, it may have been wrongly described,I collect interesting small boxes,It will be interesting what others think.

The workmanship I feel is very good,would have taken a lot of time to make,The Chinese have been doing cloisonne for may hundreds of years.

much longer than the Japanese,so I would not be disappointed if it is Chinese.

I have posted an image of a Japanese box I have.

Regards Guido. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |