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Subject:Help translating seal in porcelain, japanese?
Posted By: MB Mon, Sep 21, 2020 IP: 2804:14c:36:8d46:c59

I got this small lot of porcelain plates with some marks i'm finding hard to transcribe. Any help will be awesome,

Kind regards,

Subject:Re: Help translating seal in porcelain, japanese?
Posted By: Bill H. Wed, Sep 23, 2020

This attractive dish bears an apocryphal seal-script mark, first shown lopsided and then upside down, of 'Made during the Qianlong Reign' (Qian long nian zhi - 乾隆年製). Probably a late Qing or early Republic of China period product (made circa last quarter of the 19th century-first quarter of the 20th century).

Best regards,

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