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Subject:Kutani ware mark
Posted By: Robert Sun, Sep 20, 2020 IP: 2601:545:4501:56a0:d

Hello. I am researching a mark on a presumed Meiji period Japanese Kutani ware vase or jar, which may be an exporter's mark: An 'M'-form sometimes referred to as a double-mountain or Mount Fuji mark above a character that could be pronounced 'naka' in Japanese. I'm wondering if this mark may have been used by the Marunaka Company, a family-operated trading and export firm headquartered in Kanazawa that exported bronzes and Kutani wares during the Meiji period. Any suggestions appreciated.

Subject:Re: Kutani ware mark
Posted By: Martin Michels Sat, Sep 26, 2020

I remember a post answered by I.Nagy, where he explained that 2 or 3 mountain tops symbols above a Kanji character might read as 山 = "Yama" (mountain) and in the past, small Japanese businesses created commercial sales symbols separately from the so-called family crests

In that case this mark reads as Yamanaka.
If it was Marunaka it would be the Naka Kanji within a circle (Maru).


Subject:Re: Kutani ware mark
Posted By: Robert Mon, Sep 28, 2020


Thank you for your suggestion that the mark might possibly be interpreted as 'yamanaka'.

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