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Subject:Please Help Read Mark On Japanese Square Dish
Posted By: Gary Tue, Sep 15, 2020 IP: 2a00:23c7:d20b:7801:

Please can anyone read the marks on this square dish?

Subject:Re: Please Help Read Mark On Japanese Square Dish
Posted By: Martin Michels Wed, Sep 16, 2020

The mark reads: Kaga 加賀 Kutani 九谷 Watano 綿野 So-sei 祖制 Nishimura 西村 Byoga 描画.
Kaga is a province in the Kutani region.
Watano might be Watano Genuemon (1830-1914) a merchant with a shop in Terai and Kobe: Watano Shoten. Or Watano Kichiji (1859-1934) a potter born in Kaga. He took over the shop Watano Shoten in Kobe from his father Watano Genuemon around 1877-1879 and it became well-known under the name of Watano Kichiji Shoten.
So-sei can be translated as: "Ancestral Made", with a short form 制 from the Kanji 製 (Sei = made). Never seen this combination of these 2 characters on any mark.
Byoga = "Painting (or drawing) by". Also a combination never seen before.
Nishimura is almost certain Nishimura Saichi. A decorator who obvious worked for Watano, since there are more marks with the combination Watano & Nishimura (Saichi), see my examples.
Your dish is IMO made around 1880.
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