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Subject:Large Japanese saki barrel
Posted By: Lisa Wood Tue, Sep 15, 2020 IP:

This large iron bound barrel, with removable lid, bears 4 inscriptions in Japanese. I would love to know what it says?? The script is faint in places, but I hope it's legible.
Barrel is 70cm high x 57cm wide.

Subject:Re: Large Japanese saki barrel
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Sep 16, 2020

Dear Lisa,
This is not a Japanese sake barrel, but a Chinese Qing dynasty safety deposit box imitated in a style of a rice barrel. It must have a concealed lock system, a kind of pull ring. The opening on the lid were used to throw the money-strings in.
The readable ink marks on the barrel body;
Left top vertical row;
錢龍臥處 - Lying place for millipedes (money-strings)
Left lower vertical row,
山昆泰山記 - Notes on Kunlun and the Mount Tai Shan (Book title - maybe the owner's favorite)
Right top vertical row,
I can't decipher
Right lower row,
癸亥年置 - Deposited in the year of Water-Pig (..1803,1863)

With regards,
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