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Subject:dragon / lion spinach green nephrite jade
Posted By: Edmund Prinz Tue, Sep 15, 2020 IP:


perhaps any friendly soul here may be able to help me out in the quest of the age of this carvings.
Its spinach green nephrite Jade of good quality ( in my opinion; no clumsy made chemical alteration signs found - density ca. 3 , mh ca. 6.x )
Carving quality is not quite "top notch" but good enough to pass for late qing pieces - definitely no tourist crap. ( mane and general smoothing of the lions figure; dynamic form and scales / details of the dragon )
The dragon is about 14 cm long, for reference.
Especially the dragon is often copied these days - but i found no recent carving of this quality and material.
Any opinion is most appreciated;
kind regards,

Subject:Re: dragon / lion spinach green nephrite jade
Posted By: Ernest Wilhelm Tue, Sep 15, 2020

I notice tghat you have wilfire smog in your part of the world, one can barely see the material. . . Wait for a clear day, take sharp and clean shots, so that we can check that material./

Subject:Re: dragon / lion spinach green nephrite jade
Posted By: Mark Adams Tue, Sep 15, 2020

Hi Edmund,
In my opinion your figures are both modern (later 20th century carvings) and not nephrite jade by way of your pictures and descriptions therein.
Serpentine has a density range of 2.7-3.3. It's hardness can range from 3-6 Mohs.
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