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Subject:Medicine Cabinet?
Posted By: Linda Lyshol Tue, Sep 01, 2020 IP: 2600:6c4a:67f:f13f:4

I am trying to find more information about this cabinet. I have been told it is a medicine cabinet. The lock is fascinating! There is paper glued to the back which looks like Korean writing but I'm not sure. Any information about this piece is greatly appreciated--I'm very curious!

Subject:Re: Medicine Cabinet?
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Sep 02, 2020

Medicine chests typically have nothing but small drawers with names of medicinal herbs and powders carved into the drawer faces. Having Korean newspapers or other printed media glued on as a lining is quite typical. American personnel assigned to Seoul usually shop in the Itaewon suburb of Seoul and bring back to the USA Korean chests and other furniture made in the myriad Itaewon shops. I know, because I have some examples I bought there myself. I gave up years ago trying to figure out how to date such items reliably, except to say your cabinet looks just like what I saw and bought there in the late 1980s. Pictures are uploaded below of a larger chest with drawers in top and sides, and storage compartments in the middle. The third picture is a different style, same age Korean chest in a friend's house'

Best regards,

Bill H.

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