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Subject:Translation anf more?
Posted By: Tord Tue, Sep 01, 2020 IP:

Can anyone tell me whos signiture this and and something about this painter? Thank you

Subject:Re: Translation anf more?
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Sep 02, 2020

Inscription is a citation from Su Shi's poem
titled "Eating lychees"

炎雲駢火實 瑞露酌天奨

It's gathering fruits make the appearance of the clouds of hot weather
I feel like drawing luscious heavenly nectar from their dropping juices

婉芬 曽恵容 - Wanfen (Shy and fragrant) - art-name, Zeng Huirong - Surname and given name (female)

I can't find artist with this name.

With regards,
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