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Subject:Chinoiserie Dish Unknown Mark
Posted By: Melong Mon, Aug 31, 2020 IP:

Anyone know anything about the mark on this chinoiserie dish? I think it is Chinese, and the decoration on the dish looks hand painted, rather than the usual transfer patterns seen on most chinoiserie. The darker set of marks are on this 7.5" dish. The lighter set of marks are from a chinoiserie dish I saw online that had transfer decoration. The two sets of marks look the same, but I can't find anything out about them.

Subject:Re: Chinoiserie Dish Unknown Mark
Posted By: I.Nagy Tue, Sep 01, 2020

It is Japanese from Seto.
白雲堂 - Haukundō
周兵製 - Made by Shube(e)i

1st gen. Katō Shubeei 加藤周兵衛 1819-1890
Potter from Seto. From 1852 used the name "Hakuundō”.Participated in the Vienna Expo.
His kiln was continued by his son Subeei (2nd gen.) during the Meiji era.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Chinoiserie Dish Unknown Mark
Posted By: Martin Michels Tue, Sep 01, 2020

The mark shown here upside down is Japanese: Hakuundo 白雲堂 Shubei 周兵 Sei 製 (White Cloud Hall - Made by Shubei. It's Seto ware.

Mark of Kato Shubei 2nd (1848-1903).
In 1852 Kato Shubei 1st (1819-1900) opened a porcelain factory & export company along with his son under the business name Hakuundo (White Cloud Hall). In 1877 the son adopted his father's name (Kato Shubei 2nd), when he became head of the family porcelain workshop. He continued the family business, producing porcelain items for export, especially to Britain and the U.S.A., with the same signatures on the pieces.

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