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Subject:Bronze Vase
Posted By: Sergio Coelho Wed, Aug 19, 2020 IP:

Hello, i would like some help do read the characters in the bottom of this vase, and date it.

It is 10,8 cm hight.

Thanks for help.

Subject:Re: Bronze Vase
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Aug 20, 2020

The apocryphal bottom marking reads,
大明宣徳 - Daming Xuande - Great Ming Xuande
(Xuande is a title of reign 1426-1436 of the 5th Ming emperor)
Characters on the side,
招財進寶 - Wishing you success and riches

It doesn't look old.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Bronze Vase
Posted By: Bill H Thu, Aug 20, 2020

Your vase appears to be a contemporary Chinese product with images of the 'Money Toad' around the mouth, and lion masks alternating with a lucky coin design embossed at the sides. The base has an apocryphal mark of 'Great Ming Dynasty Xuande Reign (Da Ming Xuande - 大明宣德), while the coin designs on the sides have four characters reading 'Zhao cai, tong bao' (招財 通寶 ), 'May you have success and riches', 'Coin of the realm'.

Here are three links to vases on eBay of what looks to be identical form and decoration, though apparently a bit larger than yours.

Best regards,

Bill H

Subject:Re: Bronze Vase
Posted By: Bill H Thu, Aug 20, 2020

Forgot the links:

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