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Subject:Okimono of a Dragon Carp
Posted By: Edmund Prinz Thu, Jul 30, 2020 IP:


the object i would like to hear other opinions about is a black hardstone / coral / jet carving of a mythical Carp with an orb of luck in its yaws.
The layout / design is quite tasteful; i think it´s an artists work.
There is a sealmark on the back, i translated it with my puny experience as " sprout of the old mountain " ( perhaps good for a laugh )
In my opinion it may be an old piece - i found no signs / traces of highspeed electrical devices.
The design is a very classical too; i guess it roots in the 18th / 19th Century. ( it seems japanese to me but i´m not quite sure about it )

height 9,5 cm, 3,74016 inch
depth 2,5 cm, 0,98 inch
weight: 164 g, 0,361 pound
Thanks for your interest.

Subject:Re: Okimono of a Dragon Carp
Posted By: Edmund Prinz Fri, Jul 31, 2020

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