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Subject:Help identifying the seal
Posted By: Stephanie Thu, Jul 30, 2020 IP:

Hey there! i found a painting with some older items my mom had -- it seems to be silk ... i'm sure its not anything "special" to anyone else, but i'd love to know what the seal says. (probably something like, reprint) lol - any help would be greatly appreciated =) thank you, in advance!

Subject:Re: Help identifying the seal
Posted By: Bill H Thu, Jul 30, 2020

Your painting may be Chinese, Japanese or Korean but in the Chinese manner. The seal reads Western-style from left to right, which practice I associate these days more with Mainland China than Korea or Japan when it comes to traditional paintings. But in any event, since I don't know any fine points of Japanese or Korean, I'm explaining the seal in Chinese terms.

The characters read in mandarin as "石之" (Shi zhi), with "Shi" being a surname with literal meaning of "Stone", and "Zhi" being a possessive with the function of " 'S ". Accordingly, I take the seal to mean the artwork is "Shi's" or "by Shi".

Those same two characters have come up in the forum as part of a longer name in a seal on Japanese silk art seemingly unrelated to this painting except perhaps a slight resemblance in palette. But if you are curious, you can access that result by querying the embedded URL below.

I. Nagy and Rat have better art knowledge and resources than I, so maybe they can provide a better perspective.

Best regards,

Bill H.

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