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Subject:small Netsuke?
Posted By: Susan Wed, Jul 29, 2020 IP: 2600:8805:3800:507:d

I would so much appreciate some information on what I believe to be a miniature Netsuke Thank you Please let me know if the makers mark is too small to make out very difficult to photograph

Subject:Re: small Netsuke?
Posted By: John T. Thu, Jul 30, 2020


Nice little piece.

The photos are unfortunately too blurry for me to try and make out the signature.

Whilst it is technically a netsuke, it's a piece which dates from the 20th century, probably mid. It will have been a tourist piece produced for the western market and never actually used. Quite a few of these were actually made in China as opposed to Japan.

For a lot of collectors, this would be what's known as a "Netsuke like object". Still a nice sculpture but it never actually saw use.

I hope this helps,

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