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Subject:Watercolour painting on silk - Artist identification
Posted By: Lisa Wood Mon, Jul 27, 2020 IP:

I would be most grateful if someone could help to translate this inscription on this watercolour painting on silk, hopefully also identifying an artist?

Subject:Re: Watercolour painting on silk - Artist identification
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Jul 27, 2020

丙子冬 - In Winter of Fire Rat (1816)
画所預従四位位下伯耆守藤原光時 -
Edokoro-azukari Jushi-no-ge Hōki no Kami Fujiwara Mitsutoki
Head of the Imperial Painting Bureau, Junior Fourth Rank, Governor of Hōki Province Fujiwara Mitsutoki
光時之印 - Seal of Mitsutoki

Fujiwara Mitsutoki 藤原光時 a.k.a. Tosa Mitsutoki 1764-1819, Tosa School painter
Son of Tosa Mitsuatsu. Inherited all the titles of his father,

With regards,
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