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Subject:Asian Figure Painting
Posted By: Will Tue, Jul 21, 2020 IP: 2003:e3:7f00:f6f3:d1


I would like to know more about this figure painting.

Is it Chinese or Japanese?

What is the possible age of this painting?

Can anyone translate the inscription and figure out the name of the painter?

Thanks a lot.

Subject:Re: Asian Figure Painting
Posted By: Andrea Wed, Jul 22, 2020

Hi Will,
the signature and seal appear to be by Tani Buncho (1763 - 1840). So Japanese. Also in the image that I attach there is a knight with the signature of Buncho. I also attach another signature with seal found on the net. For the interpretation of the text, I hope Nagy can help you.

A greeting,

Subject:Re: Asian Figure Painting
Posted By: peter Thu, Jul 30, 2020

unfortunately your painting is a forgery (please not copy), the painting of the night seems to be one too.
best wishes, Peter

Subject:Re: Asian Figure Painting
Posted By: Will Thu, Jul 30, 2020

Hello Peter,

thanks for your opinion.

So I assume the painting was done anonymously by an unknown artist?

Later someone had added the inscription of Tani Buncho to increase the selling value of the painting?

Well it is still alright as I had bought the painting because of the topic and not the artist.

What do you think is the age of the painting?
Could it be from the 19th Century? Judging from the style I would not rule it out but this is just a gut feeling.


Subject:Re: Asian Figure Painting
Posted By: Andrea Fri, Jul 31, 2020

Okey Peter, I too think that, most likely, it's fakes (not copies). but I would like to know what your certainty is based on. The style of the paintings, the signature, or whatever? Thanks in advance for any explanation,

Subject:Re: Asian Figure Painting
Posted By: peter Fri, Jul 31, 2020

Dear Andrea,
As for the painting of Guan Yu, the signature looks like a later addition. More is hard to say, the photo isnt very good.

Regarding the Mongolian rider:
Tani Bunchou is one of the best Japanese painters. whatever he produces would be top notch. Composition would be fully understood and interesting, the depicted live forms, plants, animals and humans would appear to be alive. Even in a very formal composition, he could do that.
This is not the case. Especially critical is the quality of single brushstrokes forming for instance the pine needles. If they have no strength and are arranged with a repetition disregarding natures little changes you would get the broken umbrellas in this pine tree. As the painting is done by one hand the same problems you can see in the horse and rider. No horse could jump like this, a boar could maybe. And there is much more I dont like here.
No, this painting is simply not good.
I think the rider could be older than Bunchou himself.

To see how Bunchou creates the imagination of life in a formal composition you may go here:

To see how Bunchou creates a figure painting I added the painting the signature reference was taken from.

Nice regards, Peter

Subject:Re: Asian Figure Painting
Posted By: Andrea Sat, Aug 01, 2020

Thanks Peter, for your convincing analysis. Ultimately, it is the quality of the painting that makes the difference! Of course on the market most of the paintings with the signature of famous painters are fakes. It is true that in the east the concept of copy and original is different than in western culture ( -as-an-original?), and that certain painters have produced a significant amount of works and not all of the same quality. Thanks again and a very cordial greeting,
I attach another painting from my collection with the signature of Buncho and an interesting calligraphy, I would be curious to know your opinion.

Subject:Re: Asian Figure Painting
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Jul 22, 2020

It's Japanese,

甲寅仲冬冩 - Painted in Mid-Winter of the Year of Wood-Tiger (1794)
小峰山房 - At Komine Mountain House
Signature and seal,
文晁 - Bunchō

Tani Bunchō 谷文晁 1673-1809
Very famous Japanese literati painter and poet.

Most probably a copy, If it were an original, would be worth of a small fortune.


Subject:Re: Asian Figure Painting
Posted By: Will Sun, Jul 26, 2020

Thanks a lot for all the information.

This was very helpful.

So I guess I would have to contact an expert for Tani Buncho now to find out if this painting is a copy or if it was really done by himself or if it can be at least attributed to him.

I have heard of him before but still I was not able to identify the seal.
To my knowledge about 90% of all works with the seal of Tani Buncho are copies.
So my chances of having an authentic one seem to be rather low. But who knows, maybe I am lucky. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |