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Subject:Selling contemporary Chinese/HK/Taiwan paintings
Posted By: Rick Keller Mon, Jul 20, 2020 IP: 2600:1700:2d61:86d0:

I lived in Shanghai for 10 years and bought a lot of art of local artists (China, HK, Taiwan). Everything was bought from legitimate galleries.

I shipped some home while I was there, but some art was blocked, for instance this linked painting of Yu Nancheng was blocked because it has Tiananmen Square in it, which is very sensitive in China. I just shipped it out of China with my household goods.

Anyway, is there a market in the US for Chinese paintings? Some of the artists are internationally known (Christies, Sotheby's auction sales, etc) but some are unknown outside of China like Yu Nancheng. I bought too much to actually display in my house so I have some in temperature controlled storage, but I am thinking maybe I thin my collection.

Does anyone have ideas about best way to sell? I paid $2k - $20K for each piece, so wouldn't want to sell in the US if there isn't a market for it in the US.

Subject:Re: Selling contemporary Chinese/HK/Taiwan paintings
Posted By: Mark Adams Tue, Jul 21, 2020

Hi Rick,
My understanding is that bonhams, sotheby's and christies hold regularly auctions dealing with Chinese contemporary art.
I would contact them and try your luck out with them.
There is atm a fairly strong market for said art. The major auction houses are well exposed to both local and international buyers etc.
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