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Subject:Is This An Authentic Shang Dynasty Bronze?
Posted By: Jim Wed, Jul 08, 2020 IP:

hi everyone. i just found this at a local thrift store. i'm wondering if it's an authentic Shang Dynasty Bronze Tripod Ritual Wine Vessel? what i can say is, it appears to be old enough. what i mistook for oxidation and/or rust at the store is something else. i'm thinking there was paint on it at some time. i can discern white as well as red pigment. it stands 7.5 inches in height. what's making me wonder about its authenticity is the apparent seam down the center. is that known to be part of the design of these pieces? is it, in fact, a seam at all? any...and i do mean any information or help will be greatly appreciated...thanks

Subject:Re: Is This An Authentic Shang Dynasty Bronze?
Posted By: John T. Thu, Jul 09, 2020


That definitely looks like rust making it iron rather than bronze to me. Have you tried sticking a magnet to it? That's a surefire way of telling.

As for definite age, you might have to take it/send photos to a specialist as a lot of these were reproduced for about the past century.

Hope this helps.

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