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Subject:Seal stamp
Posted By: Marote Mon, Jul 06, 2020 IP:

Can someone tell me what the text is, or...

to avoid having to bother you here with this type of translation questions in the future...:

is there a site where this script can be translated?

Subject:Re: Seal stamp
Posted By: Bill H Tue, Jul 07, 2020

The four-character name stamp in seal script, if flipped 90 degrees to the right into reading position as 林印白行 (lin yin bai xing or hang), can be translated in Chinese into the following variations:

Seal of Lin Baixing (person's name)

Seal of Lin Bai Hang (Business name, possible partnership between persons named Lin and Bai)

Note that while reign marks normally are read down and across from the top right, name seal stamps like this one are read in order of the surname at top right, the rest of the name running down the left side and finally, the character 'yin' for 'seal' at lower right.

It's also possible this is a Japanese or Korean seal stamp, but I can't help there.

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Seal stamp
Posted By: Marote Tue, Jul 07, 2020

Dear Bill,

Again, many thanks for your help! Would never have come to this info with my own internet searches. I had only found 林, so I was assuming it would be some title with 'forrest' in it :)

Was this type of stamps used in a specific era? Or is it something that has been used over a long time and impossible to determine the age? New pic added.

Kind regards,


Subject:Re: Seal stamp
Posted By: Marote Tue, Jul 07, 2020

I found a site where characters can be converted into seal script, and the last character looked similar to the one on the stamp, but wasn't exact the same. After a few tries with similar characters I got an exact result with 水, so if I'm not mistaken, it reads:林白水印 (Lin Baishui's seal?)

Subject:Re: Seal stamp
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Jul 08, 2020

Lin Baishui's seal is right.

Lin Baishui 林白水 1874-1926
His real name was Lin Xie 林獬, Baisui 白水 (Whitewater) was his pen-name.
Journalist and politician in the early years of the ROC. He was killed in 1926 for satirizing the warlord of Shandong, Zhang Zongchang in an article.

I do not think that this seal ever belonged to him.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Seal stamp
Posted By: Bill H Thu, Jul 09, 2020

The Forum's A-Team, saves the day yet again.


Bill H.

Subject:Re: Seal stamp
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Jul 08, 2020

I'm unable to see the same resemblance between seal script forms of 水 and 行, but there are others in the forum better than I am when it comes to this form of writing who may yet weigh in.

Lin Baishui (林白水) was a warlord and political figure of some notoriety during the Republic Period (1912-49) in China.

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Seal stamp
Posted By: Marote Thu, Jul 09, 2020

Thank you both for your replies and help. As always much appreciated and very useful!

Is it in any way possible to possible to determine the age of the stamp, based on the style of the stamp/characters?

I also assume that it never belonged to the Lin Baishui you mention, but can it still have a connection with him in some way? Or is it a common name and could it be the stamp of another, unknown/less known, Lin Baishui? As it seems to be a gilt stamp, I would assume this wasn't a stamp for the common people, right? | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |