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Subject:Educational Colored Woodblock Print
Posted By: Yura Sun, Jul 05, 2020 IP:

Dear forum members!

I bring to your attention an educational colored woodblock with the care of a tree that was useful for Japanese agriculture in the Meiji era.
The first image shows a picture on the envelope.
On the second - a holistic image of the educational poster.
On the third - (on a yellow background) (upper right corner) its name, and also (I think) signatures of authors, etc. (lower left corner).
Please comment on the names on the envelope and poster, as well as who is the performer, author, publisher of this woodblock.

Thank you in advance

Subject:Re: Educational Colored Woodblock Print
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Jul 06, 2020

漆一覧 - Lacquer Compendium
Pic.2 - 3,
漆製法一覧 - Compendium for process of making
明治五年秋 - 5th Year of Meiji (1872) Autumn
武田昌治撰 - Author: Takeda Masaharu
山崎重淦圖 - Picture: Yamazaki Shigeaka

With regards,

Subject:Re: Educational Colored Woodblock Print
Posted By: Yura Thu, Jul 23, 2020

Dear Imre!

I am very grateful for reading the Japanese inscriptions.
This helped me figure out the following.
漆一覧 - Urushi ichiran
漆製法一覧 - Urushi seihō ichiran
明治五年秋 - Meiji go nen aki
武田昌次撰 - Takeda Masatsugu sen
山崎重淦圖 - Yamazaki Tōsen zu (sometimes wrong Yamasaki Tadanori (?),%20masatsugu/

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