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  • Kin-ko-sha This post has image ( China & Japan ) - Martin Michels - Jul 05, 2020 (07:29 AM)
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Posted By: Martin Michels Sun, Jul 05, 2020 IP: 2001:1c03:5808:3800:

I recently found some pictures with this vase and with a signature I never saw before.
The signature reads on the right Dai Nippon 大日本 Tokyo 東京 and on the left 錦窯舎 :
錦 = Kin or Nishiki (brocade).
窯 = Yo or Gama (kiln).
舎 = Sha (firm / company).
So the possibilities are Kin-yo-sha, Kin-gama-sha, Nishiki-yo-sha and Nishiki-gama-sha.
I found this signature also in the 1882 book of Lord James Bowes: Japanese marks and seals - Number 343. He translated the name as: Kin-ko-sha.

So I was wondering, is this Kin-ko-sha correct. I never saw the Kanji for Gama 窯 translated as "Ko". Should it be: Kin-yo-sha?

Is there anyone who can say something useful about this and / or knows something about this company?

Subject:Re: Kin-ko-sha
Posted By: Martin Michels Wed, Jul 15, 2020

After more detailed searching on the internet I found out that Frank Brinkley (in his book: Japan, its history, arts and literature - volume 8) mentioned this mark also and translates it as: Kinyo-sha.
So another question solved.
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