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Subject:Sumida gawa without seal
Posted By: Rodolphe Sun, Jul 05, 2020 IP:


Can we attribute a vase to the sumida gawa pottery when there is no white seal with blue mark?
I have this vase which reminds me of it but there is only one signature at the base difficult to read and the animal represented (lizard) is not usual in the representation of this region.
Could you help me identify it and date this vase. Thank you

Subject:Re: Sumida gawa without seal
Posted By: Bill H Sun, Jul 05, 2020

The book 'Sumida ...according to us' by Herbert Karp & Gardner Pond shows this to be a mark of the potter Ishiguro Koko, who worked with the Sumida Pottery circa the early 20th century. The link embedded herein provides a bit of additional information, but precise biographic details, such as DPOB and productive years for Ishiguro Koko seem to be rather scarce.

Bill H.

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