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  • Vase This post has image ( China & Japan ) - Heath Guinn - Jul 04, 2020 (03:38 PM)
    • Re: Vase This post has image - Martin Michels - Jul 05, 2020 (11:31 AM)
      • Re: Vase - Heath Guinn - Jul 06, 2020 (08:44 AM)
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Posted By: Heath Guinn Sat, Jul 04, 2020 IP: 2600:387:1:812::5c

I would love learn any history about this vase.

Subject:Re: Vase
Posted By: Martin Michels Sun, Jul 05, 2020

This is Japanese Satsuma ware, I believe late Meiji period (1890-1910)
The mark reads: Satsuma 薩广 Yaki 焼 - Tomo 伴 = Satsuma ware - Tomo (is a family name).
Satsuma is normally written as 薩摩, but in this case a shortened form 广 of the 2nd Kanji is used.
Tomo is the native Japanese translation of 伴, in Sino Japanese reading it might be Han or Ban, also family names.
Perhaps that someone else knows more.
Anyway, I have no information about the artist.
I've found marks without the Satsuma Yaki part, see my picture.

Subject:Re: Vase
Posted By: Heath Guinn Mon, Jul 06, 2020

Martin, thank you so much for your insight. This info will help me to find more answers. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |