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Subject:Could someone help me identify the artist and artwork
Posted By: Randy Sat, Jul 04, 2020 IP:

Could someone help me identify who the artist was - Specs: Hand stitched. Large ( the widget of two arms outstretched) No markings or signage.

Link :

Subject:Re: Could someone help me identify the artist and artwork
Posted By: Gman Sat, Jul 04, 2020

The style is called "chinoiserie" and there were many French tapestry makers which used the style.

Among them Aubusson and Gobelins workshops.

If old, I think the short(French)table left of center with flowers and drape would be indicative of the (French)era the (Chinese) scene portrays, and an internet search for "chinoiserie tapestries" will likely reveal other workshops and artists whose work might match up with the various architectural aspects, as well as the features of dress and hairstyles.

Looks like a nice French tapestry. From the back, is it mounted to a wooden stretcher? And does it look as though there may be more of the tapestry folded inside the frame? There may be a signature on the bottom or an edge obscured by the frame. "If it is old, I don't advocate tearing it all apart to find out, but if you ever have an expert re-frame it or conserve it...who knows.
It could be valuable.

Subject:Re: Could someone help me identify the artist and artwork
Posted By: Randy Sun, Jul 05, 2020


It's very old. It belonged to my grandfather while he worked at an Indian bank in Hong Kong.

Yes the back is mounted to a wooden stretcher. It's too delicate to even make out if it folds inside. We haven't had the courage and audacity to open it up.
Would you happen to know the estimated value or would you mind directing me in the right direction to getting this appraised?


Subject:Re: Could someone help me identify the artist and artwork
Posted By: Gman Wed, Jul 08, 2020

All you can do is search for similar works, somewhat of a needle in a haystack I'm afraid.

Whoever made this, likely made other similar works, with similar modes of dress, similar architectural and decorative objects in the background, it is a signature of sorts.

Having added India and Hong Kong to the story, it is possible that it was manufactured in one of those countries.

We used to import French furniture from Argentina, some of it was made in France, some of it was reproduced in Argentina. We had French tapestries which we could be fairly certain came from France, and we had tapestries which clearly were made in the French style in Argentina (marked Industria Argentina).

Chinoiserie is "the imitation or evocation of Chinese motifs and techniques in Western art, furniture, and architecture, especially in the 18th century".

Derived from the French word for Chinese (Chinois) it was by no means strictly a French style, so again, search with the information you have (India, Hong Kong) and you may stumble on a similar work, along with a great many dissimilar works.
In other words you will see how your tapestry differs from others you will find, so continue looking for works which have similarities, it should be obvious when you find it.

You could also do a search for Chinoiserie tapestries, see which auction houses come up, and contact them for an appraisal.

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