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Subject:More information about japanese vase
Posted By: Ollie Mon, Jun 29, 2020 IP:

Hi, we've a japenese vase, but the paintig is not really asian. A japanese friend has translated the stamp for us: 九谷焼: Kutani Yaki Region Kanazawa and升志人 is the manufacturer. We would be very happy to know the data and more about this vase.
Best regards

Subject:Re: More information about japanese vase
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Jul 02, 2020

九谷  - Kutani (Ware)
外志人 - Toshito

Nakamura Toshito 中村外志人 1949-
Master of Traditional Crafts

With regards,

Subject:Re: More information about japanese vase
Posted By: Bill H Thu, Jul 02, 2020

Ahh, the answer to my prayers. :)

Bill H.

Subject:Re: More information about japanese vase
Posted By: Bill H Thu, Jul 02, 2020

The vase's decoration bears more than a passing resemblance to the cords and tassels of formal academic robes and trappings worn during occasions such as graduation and sometimes signifying honors achieved by the graduate. While "九谷" are standard kanji for "Kutani", my Google search of characters "升志人" produced only a couple of pages of hits, none clearly indicated to be the name of a ceramics manufacturer. This could indicate it represents a slogan or logo of some sort. Although I'm not trained formally in Japanese, "升志人" might be the literal meaning in Chinese of "The measure of a person's determination" (or ambition, drive, goals, etc.), which would fit the graduation theme. If this is indeed the case, then the pattern certainly would fit a theme embraced by Chinese, Japanese and other Asian cultures, wherein high achievement in education is greatly valued, thereby bringing the vase into the realm of possible giftware for students. Perhaps I. Nagy could put this into a better perspective.

The "B-33" factory marking is the sort of clue that points to the vase being a product of modern times.

Best regards,

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