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Subject:Rose Mandarin Plate
Posted By: GerryG Sat, Jun 27, 2020 IP: 2001:bb6:377b:b158:e

Hi, I am having trouble deciphering the iron red six character mark to the base of this plate. I believe it might be Daoguang period. All comments welcome.

Subject:Re: Rose Mandarin Plate
Posted By: Martin Michels Sun, Jun 28, 2020

Not Chinese, but Japanese Arita ware from the 2nd part of the 19th century.
The mark reads: Hichozan 肥碟山 Shinpo 信甫 Zo 造
(Made by Hichozan Shinpo).

For more information, see this link:

and scroll to Arita - Hichozan Shinpo Sei.


Subject:Re: Rose Mandarin Plate
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Jun 28, 2020

It's Japanese,
Marking reads,
肥碟山信甫造 - Hichōzan Shinpō-zō - Made by Hichōzan Shinpō
From the end of Edo period to the Meiji era  Arita's pottery dealer Tashiro Monzaemon manufactured and sold a large number of pottery mainly for export under the name of Hichōzan Shinpō.
With regards,

Subject:Re: Rose Mandarin Plate
Posted By: Bill H Sun, Jun 28, 2020

Your plate is Japanese and bears the mark of 'Made by Hichozan Shinpo' - Hichozan Shinpo Tsukuru - name transliterated as Hichozan 'Shimpo' by some sources). Hichozan was a well known studio of the Meiji Period (1868-1912), and its mark sometimes also as seen in conjunction with the Fukagawa name, as on the cup shown below, marked 'Made by Hichozan Fukagawa'.

Best regards,

Bill H

Subject:Re: Rose Mandarin Plate
Posted By: GerryG Mon, Jun 29, 2020

Thank you everyone for replying. In the meantime, I did more research and studied the plate with a bit more attention and came to a similar conclusion and narrowed it down to Arita ware though thanks to you all for being so specific. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |