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Subject:Cast Iron Brush Pot
Posted By: TKNZ Sun, Jun 21, 2020 IP:

Hi all,

I recently got a large cylindrical cast iron pot (I'm assuming it's a brush pot) and I'm having a hard time ID-ing it. It weighs about 3.3kg and stands 26cm high. It looks to have been cast in two halves as there is a seam down the sides which I have tried to photograph. There is also some kind of seal-script mark to the base, but that has corroded over time and is now illegible to me. I took a tracing of it which I have added below in case anyone can guess what it might have said. It has motifs of what I'm assuming are goldfish and irises.
If anyone has any info as to what this is, where it might be from, or how old it could be I'd be glad to hear it!

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