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Subject:ID calligraphy
Posted By: Peter Brodahl Sun, Jun 21, 2020 IP:

Ink On Splash Gold Paper
66 X 64 cm

Kind regards,


Subject:Re: ID calligraphy
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Jun 21, 2020

This is a citation from the Zhou dynasty poet Zi Zhi (紫芝)

Here is the reading and my rough translation、

事去空千載 何曾有若人
只應煙樹裏 便是永和春
Things have gone for a thousand of years, but
why has a man been here for such a long time,
just like a tree in fog,
He might be the eternal pleasant spring.

To Mr. Du Baohua from Qi Gong
Upper seal,
启功之印 - Seal of Qi Gong
Lower seal,
元白 - Yuanbai - Courtesy name
Starting seal,
前賢句 - "Former worthy sentence" meaning

Qi Gong 启功 1912-2005
Native of Beijing. 9th generation grandson of Emperor Yongzheng. Was a famous Chinese painter, calligrapher, educator and connoisseur.

With regards,
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