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Subject:Japanese silk painting identification
Posted By: luca Sat, Jun 20, 2020 IP:

Dear all,
I'm Luca. I'm always been fascinated by Japanese culture since a long time, already visited Japan several times... I love it.

Recently I found this silk painting with a Geisha But I cannot understand how painted it and if it is a recent production or vintage..

it is well preserved except for the red stamp under the signature..

is there any chance to identify the artist and the period?

thank you very much.

Subject:Re: Japanese silk painting identification
Posted By: Bill H Sun, Jun 21, 2020

The seal is unreadable but the bold characters above it appear to read Shunsui, possibly Nagata Shunsui (1889-1940), whose work (link below) appears to be stylistically compatible.

You may be able to find additional information by querying the name online, especially on the pinterest site, which is accessible by subscription only and not my cuppa.

Best regards,

Bill H.

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