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Subject:drawings on paper
Posted By: D_A Mon, Jun 15, 2020 IP:


Any help with information on these drawings would be greatly welcomed. I know it's a daoist representation. I'm looking for information on age, origin, and purpose.

Thank you !

Subject:Re: drawings on paper
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Jun 15, 2020

The deity in the middle supposed to be Yan Wang, the Judge and King of Hell with dark skin, a severe expression, wearing a judge's hat.(I don't know what is the disk with ribons in his hands) On the right he is flanked with one of the guardians of Hell, Ox-Head. The other deity on the leftis supposed to be the Scribe of Sins (normally with a book and brush)
It is my understanding, but maybe I am on the wrong track.
It looks like max 200 years old.

With regards,
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