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Subject:ID of Chinese scroll
Posted By: John Lord Tue, Jun 09, 2020 IP: 2001:8003:5103:1300:

Can anyone please help with information about the artist and the period of this scroll depicting Wang Xizhi with geese? I have been told it is by Ren Yi.

Subject:Re: ID of Chinese scroll
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Jun 10, 2020

羲之愛鵞中堂 - Xizhi's affection toward geese,
Medium Hall Size Scroll
光緒甲申春正月 - Guangxu Year of Wood-Monkey (1884) Spring, January
任頤伯年 - Ren Yi Bonian

Ren Yi 1840-1896
His courtesy name was Bonian

Ren Yi's style of calligraphy (signature) is different. The same seal is not listed in seal print dictionaries.

With regards,

Subject:Re: ID of Chinese scroll
Posted By: John Lord Thu, Jun 11, 2020

I. Nagy,
Thank you once again for all that work. Not quite what I was hoping to hear of course but...
Very much appreciate your help,
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