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Subject:Help with identification
Posted By: Emilio Bujalance Sat, Jun 06, 2020 IP:

Could someone tell me some information about this color lithographic roll with the funeral of Meiji Emperor of 3.5 meter long, or something about the author.
Emilio Bujalance

Subject:Re: Help with identification
Posted By: I.Nagy Sat, Jun 06, 2020

青山葬場殿 - Aoyama Sōjōden - Aoyma Funeral Hall
大正元年九月 - 1st Year of Taishō (1912) September
研山謹圖 - Respectfully painted by Kenzan - Art-name
研山 - Kenzan

Probably one of the forgotten artists of the time.

Main inscriptions on the mounting,
有栖川宮殿下総裁元老院蔵 - Collection of Prince Arisugawa no Miya Chairman of Genro Senat
皇位継承篇 - Emperor's Genealogy
纂輯御系圖 - Compiled Family Tree
大正元年九月十三日發行 - Published on 13th September 1912
發行者:聖徳奉頌會 - Publisher: Shōtoku Hōkōkai

With regards,
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