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Subject:Chinese pot
Posted By: Lesley Thu, Jun 04, 2020 IP: 2a02:c7f:3a58:9900:1

Very grateful if someone could translate the script running around this pot. Also would love to know what it was used for and approximate age.
Thank you

Subject:Re: Chinese pot
Posted By: I.Nagy Fri, Jun 05, 2020

Dear Lesley,

To read the inscriptions we need sharp close-up pictures.
With regards,
I. Nagy

Subject:Re: Chinese pot
Posted By: Lesley Mon, Jun 08, 2020

Hopefully these may be clearer, I don’t have a proper camera just an iPad and phone.
Thank you for your patience,

Subject:Re: Chinese pot
Posted By: I.Nagy Tue, Jun 09, 2020

策英賢果 刑賞爾武 娟世無両 天不厭亂
Female prosperity
Wu, your clever policies will bring its fruits in form of punishments and rewards. There is no other
person who is as graceful in the world as you are.
There will not be turmoil in Heaven, too (You will be accepted by Heaven, too)

This text is one of the four mysterious political prophecies in Chinese history, which prophecies that on one day a female emperor will rule China.
This prophecy dates back to the Tang dynasty.

This is a text with rather unprintable content, possibly from the "Dream of Red Chamber"

With regards,

Subject:Re: Chinese pot
Posted By: Lesley Tue, Jun 09, 2020

Gosh , thank you very much. I will look into the Dream of the Red Chamber!
I imagined that it might be some kind of cosmetic container but perhaps not! | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |