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Subject:Mille-Fleurs Cloisonne Snuff bottle
Posted By: Kevin Donnelley Thu, May 21, 2020 IP:

Hi All,

A very artful famille rose blue ground snuff bottle of tapering baluster form, gilt wires of varying widths in a continuous floral display, gilt lip and foot rim, the foot rim is flat; flat foot w/ multi colored enamel coat. Wide mouth, partially enameled interior. the character of form and the smooth exterior both lend themselves well to a very tactile feel in the hand

Condition: small all around pock marks to the enamel; Small kiln imperfection to the enamel

H: 2 9/16"; 6.50 cm

18th/19th C

The floral petals were done in a painterly fashion w/ a natural uneven division established between the highlighted tips and the bases, giving the appearance of paint smears on the ends. the wires used to make the individual cloisonnes may vary in width from end to end with a mix of different gauges among them, giving the display the added character of depth.

Thank you for looking,

Kind regards


Subject:Re: Mille-Fleurs Cloisonne Snuff bottle
Posted By: Kevin Donnelley Sat, May 23, 2020

a closer look at the detailing to some of the wire work and enameling used to produce the all around mille-fleur display | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |