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Subject:Identifying a very long chinese scroll
Posted By: Shane Hunt Wed, May 20, 2020 IP:


I bought this scroll at a house auction in Ireland a few years ago. I have finally gotten around to hanging it and thought I'd see if anyone could shed any light on where it's from.

It's about 4 metres long on what appears to be silk. It's a reproduction of the painting "Along the River During the Qingming Festival" but I am trying to understand how old it is / who might have made it.

Subject:Re: Identifying a very long chinese scroll
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, May 20, 2020

Your scroll should be one of the numerous reproductions from one of the fine copies that have been handed down from the "Hanlin Imperial Academy member Zhao Mengfu".
The age when this scroll was made, could only be ascertained from a closer examination of picture silk, mounting etc. by an expert.

With regards,
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