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Subject:B/W Bowl with Dragon design and Scalloped Rim
Posted By: Sam R Tue, May 19, 2020 IP:

hoping that someone will be able to tell me the age of the bowl and the meaning of the mark.
3"H x 7"W
Thank you

Subject:Re: B/W Bowl with Dragon design and Scalloped Rim
Posted By: Bill H Wed, May 20, 2020

The most obvious points that raise questions are traces of flow in the double blue linear borders that run above and below the rim, as well as a general lack of any significant variations in brush pressure in the apocryphal base-mark of 'Made during the Chenghua Reign of the Great Ming Dynasty' and its double encircling lines. Further, the mark appears rather dull beneath the glaze. These characteristics, along with the otherwise flawless glaze, tend to indicate at least partial use of transfer decoration, which in China wasn't used commercially until the early 20th century.

Best regards,

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