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Subject:Help to read inscription
Posted By: Steen Mon, May 18, 2020 IP:

Help to read inscription, and translate these two silver bowls, Thanks

Subject:Re: Help to read inscription
Posted By: Bill H Tue, May 19, 2020

In the first picture, the first line reads across from the right as '香港' (Xiang gang), which is the Southern China municipality and special zone of Hong Kong, while the second line reads across from the right as '天興和', which possibly is a shop or personal name 'Tianxing He' (but could be pronounced in the local Cantonese dialect). In the second picture, the reading is identical, with the second line being read from the top down.

I drew a blank from character queries on Google, which were aimed at finding out if they were connected with a silver shop. I also found nothing relevant in the best online Encyclopedia of Silver markings. So it may be that the bowls are gifts presented in Hong Kong with the recipient's name engraved. But, perhaps I. Nagy has some better ideas.

Best regards,

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