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Subject:Translation of painting
Posted By: Sofia Sun, May 17, 2020 IP:

Hi, we have a beautiful painting that have this text on it. I don’t speak, what I think may be Chinese, could anyone help me translate it? I’m trying to figure out who painted it! Thank you in advance.

Subject:Re: Translation of painting
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, May 17, 2020

芳草有情 - The verdure seems full of vigor

It is a line from a less known poem by the Song dynasty poet Zhang Lei (Chang Lei) 1054-1114

東谷  - Dong'gu
Upper seal,
李氏之印 - Seal of Master Li - Surname
Lower seal,
東谷 - Dong'gu - Given name
Starting seal,
長樂 - Changle - Long Happiness - Motto -

Unidentifiable artist

With regards,
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