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Subject:Duck Painting Translation and Identification
Posted By: Paul Kowalski Mon, May 11, 2020 IP:

H Guys, another artwork for identification and translation if possible, unfortunately mark is very hard to decipher. Anyone know who this artist is? Cheers

Subject:Re: Duck Painting Translation and Identification
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, May 13, 2020

Sorry for the delay, but recently I am very busy
with other odd jobs.

皚々沙洲積 葦叢壓更多 莫嗟寒太酷 塞北又如何
Lot of snow is accumulated heavily
on the sandbanks and the reed groove
No one is lamenting about the fierce cold,
and what's about the North of the Great Wall
乙未新秋 - Year of Wood-Sheep (1955,2015) New Autumn
孚豐 冩於兾中 - Painted by *Fufeng in *Ji

* Fufeng (Very individualistic signature, maybe I am wrong with the reding)- Art name         * Ji - Altenative name for Hebei

Unfortunately the seal is illegible.

With regards,
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