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Subject:Two Small Bottles - Same Design - Unknown Mark
Posted By: John Donohue Sun, May 10, 2020 IP:

I would be very thankful if anyone can provide information on these two bottles. Each are hand-painted identically, and are approx. 5 inches tall. One appears to have a repaired spout. Thanks so much, and best wishes. John

(I’m sorry that they are rotated. The originals are not. If someone can advise me how this problem occurs, and how to avoid, I will fix. Thanks.)

Subject:Re: Two Small Bottles - Same Design - Unknown Mark
Posted By: Martin Michels Mon, May 11, 2020

The mark reads: Kutani 九谷 in a very stylistic way. The vase neck has Ao-chibu (blue dotted) decoration. No idea about the rest of the decorations (old man and old woman).

On the Gotheborg website about Kutani Japanese marks a similar mark is dated 1960's. See:
- Kutani - Generic two character mark.
- number 506.

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