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Subject:Japanese Plates signature
Posted By: Gianni Cattaneo Sat, May 09, 2020 IP:

I have this japanese plates (kutani)maybe.. and i need your help for the signatures, please,
I've seen the style is IIDAYA signed ITSUZAN,
They are very light
I need your help please
thanks in advance!

Subject:Re: Japanese Plates signature
Posted By: Martin Michels Sun, May 10, 2020

As I wrote before at your earlier post, the mark reads: Kutani 九谷 Itsuzan 逸山 Ga 画 (Kutani painted by Itsuzan), mark of Hatta Itsuzan.

In the mean time I found a little information about this Hatta Itsuzan on a Japanese website.

Hatta Itsuzan was a pottery painter from the Kutani region in the Meiji Period. He learned from Sasada Yuzan, who was a ceramics worker active during the early Meiji era and the middle term. Later, Itsuzan was the teacher of Ishino Ryuzan. So this mark of yours might date something like 1880-1910.
Itsuzan was a painter for overseas pottery merchants such as Marunaka Magoji, Matsubara, the Watano Kichiji studio and even for Kinkozan (Satsuma). I found an Itsuzan mark on the body of a vase with on the bottom an impressed Kinkozan mark.
Date of birth and death are unknown.

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