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Subject:Qing Dynasty Cranes?
Posted By: John Campbell Tue, Apr 21, 2020 IP:

I was told that this is a painting of Cranes created during the Qing Dynasty, but was given no further information regarding who the artist might be or who the seals represent> Can anyone in the forums provide some more insight? Thank you.

Link :Qing Dynasty Cranes

Subject:Re: Qing Dynasty Cranes?
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Apr 22, 2020

Inscription on the fringe (Right side),
清沈銓 以善鴫而馳名 - Shen Quan of Qing was known far and wide for painting of snipes

Illegible seals

Inscription on the picture,
鶴飲流泉圖 - Picture of cranes drinking water at flowing springs
巳未夏 - In the Summer of the Year of Earth-Sheep (..1679...)
仙喬居士作 - Painted by Xian Qiao the Retired Scholar - Pseudonym
Upper seal,
曾完 - Zeng Wan - Surname and given name
僊喬居士 Xian Qiao - Xian Qiao the Retired Scholar (僊 is the alternative form of 仙)

Inscription on the fringe (Left side),
沈銓画鶴多.... There are many pictures depicting cranes painted by Shen Quan.....
壬子秋石谷題 - In Autumn of Water-Rat (..1672..)
Inscription done by Shigu (Stone Valley) -Pseudonym

An another inscription in the form of commenting on Shen Quan's paintings by Shigu, an another famous Qing Dynasty painter Wang Hui 王翬 1652-1717.
石谷 - Shigu a.k.a Wang Hui
金農 - Jin Nong 1687-1763
Name of an another famous Qing Dynasty painter.

Jing Nong was not even born at the time when his
seal was affixed there !!!

I couldn't find anything about Xian Qiao the Retired Scholar a.k.a. Zeng Wan the painter of the picture.

With regards,
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