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Subject:scroll signature
Posted By: scroll lover Sun, Mar 15, 2020 IP:

Can anyone read these scroll signatures? Thanks so much for any info.

Subject:Re: scroll signature
Posted By: I.Nagy Tue, Mar 17, 2020

橆名 - Arina - True given name of artist
九霞山人 - Kyukasanjin - Pseudonym

True name and pseudonym belonged to Ike no Taiga 池大雅 1723-1776 Japanese painter and calligrapher.

春邨道人冩意 - Shunsondōjin-shai - Freehand brushwork of Shunsondōjin (Pseudonym)
冩蘭居士 - Sharan-koji (Another pseudonym)

The above pseudonyms belonged to;
Sakamoto Kōsetsu 坂本浩雪 1800-1853
Herbalist and painter. First learned painting in the Kanō School, later studied under Kashima Settei. Was good in painting of cherry blossoms and botanical illustrations.

With regards,


Subject:Re: scroll signature
Posted By: scroll lover Tue, Mar 17, 2020

Thank you so much for your information. I am amazed at your knowledge.

Best regards

Subject:Re: scroll signature
Posted By: scroll lover Thu, Mar 19, 2020

Is it possible to tell if these scrolls are original and old or newer reproductions? Attaching photos, which aren't very good, but hopefully enough to tell if they are old or not. Thanks in advance for any opinions or ideas. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |