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Subject:Translation of Japanese folding book title pages
Posted By: Gman Sat, Mar 14, 2020 IP:

I am hoping someone can help out with translating the title pages of this set of three Japanese folding books so that I can proceed with further research of the set. I will post a few examples of the pages which show various vases, trays, and tables which appear to be hand painted. The pages are somewhat problematic to photograph since the pages are all attached like an accordion.
Many thanks in advance, I am so happy to see this forum thriving with so many interesting objects and the many scholarly discussions and translations.

Best Regards

Subject:Re: Translation of Japanese folding book title pages
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Mar 15, 2020

工藝之美 - Kōgei no Bi - Beauty of Crafts
Resume of colophon,
Date of publication: 1909 (1st published in 1908)
Editor; Furuya Kōrin
Unsōdō (芸艸堂)Kyōtō

3 orihon books on designs of the Kyoto traditional crafts.

衆妙之門 - Shumyō no mon nari - Gate of misteries
鐵斎 - Tessai (Tomioka Tessai 1837-1924)

With refgards,

Subject:Re: Translation of Japanese folding book title pages
Posted By: Gman Wed, Mar 18, 2020

Thank You I.Nagy for the translation, I have had this set of folding books for over thirty years, and thanks to you I can finally begin to figure out what they are all about.
They were originally from the collection of the Craft Center School in Boston purchased in the 1930s. Very exiting!

Sorry for the delay in responding I have been on the road.
Best Regards

Subject:Japanese folding book pages
Posted By: Gman Sun, Mar 15, 2020

Here are a few examples.

Subject:Re: Japanese folding book pages
Posted By: Gman Thu, Mar 19, 2020

Again,...Thank You I.Nagy!
My first fruits of research based on your translation led me to this webpage featuring the same book, apparently the 1908 version.
Best Regards

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